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     Founded in 2006, Zhongshan Feilong Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. has been developing and producing LED application lighting products. 

We have been working for many years: exquisite, exquisite and safe green energy-saving lighting products as the product standard concept of the enterprise. 

    From the development of LED fluorescent lamps to the full range of high-efficiency energy-saving products; from the manufacturers of small-power LED series lamps to the application and promotion of high-power LED lighting solutions, Feilong Lighting has been committed to building a leading brand in the industry. 

    During the development of LED fluorescent lamps, wall washers, floodlights, ceiling lamps, gas station light, downlights, street lamps, line lights, mining lamps, and other categories, including a variety of applications, and hundreds of new LED products. 

    In order to develop into a world-class LED lighting production, research and development, sales-oriented green energy-saving enterprises, the company plans to become one of the domestic industry brands with comprehensive competitiveness within five years from 2009.

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Honor of Qualification

Feilong has a number of product certificates. Our aim is to "provide the best quality at the lowest price". Quality first, we will try our best to meet your needs.