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FL-YTH-KM2A Tracking sunlight solar street lights
FL-YTH-KM2 Smart Solar Street Light
In July 2023, the street lighting project of Guam (US) tourist area

      Zhongshan Feilong Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, and has been committed to the research 

and development and production of energy-saving LED application lighting products.

      We have been working hard: take exquisite, practical and safe green energy-saving lighting products as the standard

 and concept of the enterprise.

       From the development of LED fluorescent lamps to a full range of high-efficiency and energy-saving products; 

from the manufacturer of low-power LED series lamps to the application and promotion of high-power LED lighting solutions,

Feilong Lighting has been committed to building an industry-leading brand.

       In the past, we have developed hundreds of products in the fields of LED fluorescent lamps, wall washers, floodlights, 

street lamps, industrial lamps, etc.,  which are well received by the market.