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Production & Testing

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Assembling lamps in the production workshop
FL-YTH-KM2 solar street light is in production
Workers are assembling lamps
Power on after assembly
FL-LD-GLT1 street light assembly completed, ready for aging test
FL-TGD-YY9 tunnel light ready for aging test
FL-TGD-GF2-outdoor pendant light aging test
Product packaging is complete and ready to ship
Production & Testing
Honor of Qualification

Patented products and counterfeiting will be investigated

Independently developed products have obtained national patents and are prohibited from imitation without permission.

  • ROHS LED gas station light

  • ROHS-ALL IN ONE solar street lignt

  • CE LED gas station light

  • CE-ALL IN ONE solar street lignt

  • CB LED gas station light

  • CE

  • CE

  • ROHS

  • ROHS

  • ISO

  • FCC

  • CE