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integrated smart solar sun-chasing Street lighting

Mar. 07, 2023

Function description of integrated solar sun-chasing lighting system

When the sun rises, the photocell sensor automatically detects 

the light position and pushes the solar panel to rotate to face the sun at the best angle.

As the sun rises up and go down, the solar panel will chase the light and rotate real time,  

and cooperate with the built-in mppt controller to efficiently charge the lithium battery.

When the sun goes down, the lamps automatically return to the original lighting position.

When night falls, the lamps automatically light up according to the preset lighting  program.

The light fixture works by this  sun-chasing lighting system , the average annual power

generation is expected to be more than twice that of conventional type, 

so as to ensure the  ultra-long battery working time.

integrated smart solar sun-chasing Street lighting